Antivaccine thought leader Robert F. Kennedy, Jr. wrote a pseudoscience- and misinformation-filled letter to the Samoan Prime Minister, while antivaccine activists doubled down promoting fear mongering about MMR. I want to enjoy my life right now. One video on BigTree's account compares the CDC's suggestion that people might wear "vaccinated for Covid-19" stickers to Nazi Germany, while others cherry-pick headlines and anecdotes to . When you were my age, you were most likely eating food and fast food and Doritos and drinking Coca-Cola, which youll never find in my home. In the case of Milosevic, all national ideals, notes Del Ponte, were made to serve one mans aspirations: An excellent tactician, a mediocre strategist, Milosevic did nothing but pursue his ambition at the price of unspeakable suffering inflicted on those who opposed him or who represented a threat to his personal strategy for power. As I described a little over a year ago, you have to do is to look at the reaction of antivaxxers to the numerous measles outbreaks that have occurred over the last decade in areas of low uptake of the measles-mumps-rubella (MMR) vaccine. Jackson concluded his comments on the partys role: The Government, the Party formations indicted before you as criminal organizations, the Secret State Police, the Army, private and semi-public associations, and spontaneous mobs that were carefully inspired from official sources, were all agencies that were concerned in this persecution. Its more about the quality of my life right now. Connect with . Today, speeches, tweets, pamphlets, videos by citizen journalists of political gatherings, and social media enunciations by politicians : civil society would be wise to archive these because victims do not often live to tell the tale. Mander, who has not fully recovered from a savage case of Covid last year, is being threatened with arrest and the closure of the orphanages he runs after he mobilised people against the National . Nor is it possible, in the proof of crimes on such a scale as involved in the indictment, to bring all the surviving witnesses to give evidence in court. How many times have you heard this argument? Explore the latest videos from hashtags: #covidlawsuit, # . Larsons job at the WHO is to develop strategies to increase public confidence in vaccines and combat vaccine hesitancy and antivaccine views. He had started as a middling television producer and made a second career spinning dangerous delusions that left thousands of children needlessly prey to potentially devastating illnesses. The Crimes Against Humanity Initiative is an ongoing project of the Whitney R. Harris World Law Institute involving the study of crimes against humanity, the drafting and elaboration of a proposed convention on crimes against humanity, and support for efforts to adopt it. We need to learn how to support this process and stop fighting it.. After the platform banned The High Wires page, he began to post dangerous medical misinformation on another page he operates. Watch popular content from the following creators: British Red Cross(@britishredcross), British Red Cross(@britishredcross), British Red Cross(@britishredcross), British Red Cross(@britishredcross), British Red Cross(@britishredcross) . We were running tests on everything, but what it ultimately appears to have come down to is really Occams razor, which is the simplest answer, Bigtree said. Also read: COVID-19: Like in Dantes Inferno, Indians Are Going Through Nine Circles of Hell. He tested for COVID-19. Our fact-check work is supported in part by a grant from Facebook. Thats not to say that there isnt a grain of truth in this idea, particularly for the vaccine-hesitant, but for hard-core antivaxxers, it has been a comforting myth. Contrast that to what antivaxxers are doing now, protesting against lockdowns, refusing to wear masks, refusing to abide by social distancing, and, in essence, claiming that COVID-19 is no big deal. These crimes include the most egregious violations of human dignity, especially those directed towards civilian populations. We lament this needless loss of life on such a massive scale and commend the work of Brazilian senators for seeking to hold Bolsonaro and his administration accountable for Brazil's disastrous response to the COVID-19 pandemic by leading a six-month congressional investigation into the role of the government in the country's large COVID death . And in case thats enough, SFGate published a story recounting the damage done to young people who have survived severe COVID-19, including kidney failure requiring dialysis, shortness of breath that persists for many weeks, the need for chronic oxygen, multiple relapses, and other complications. The mutual legal assistance initiative focuses on the creation of a modern and detailed framework for mutual legal assistance and extradition in . For instance, in my own state, antivaccine-sympathetic legislators proposed a law that would have made it much more difficult to remove vulnerable unvaccinated students from school in the middle of an outbreak and removed a lot of flexibility to respond to outbreaks. Researchers at Columbia University compared the Trump administration response to COVID-19 to the response of . You really need all that? Because we could go there. There is no evidence the womans condition was caused by the vaccine, and medical professionals have explained that her shaking symptoms are incredibly unlikely to be linked to vaccination. And I reached out and told him my predicament.. But why is it a myth? So, was he poisoned? Bigtree remembered wondering about the puppy and therefore maybe himself. I mean, what are the odds? If you are a victim of a scam or attempted fraud involving COVID-19, you can: Contact the National Center for Disaster Fraud hotline at 866-720-5721 or online at . Bigtree goes on to claim that for over 97% of us COVID-19 is so mild that you wont get a fever or even know that you have it, claiming its a common cold for 99.74% of us. N.Y.C.'s Mandate: New York City will end its aggressive but contentious vaccine mandate for municipal workers, Mayor Eric Adams announced, signaling a key moment in the city's long battle . Fortunately, this is not an attitude shared by most Americans, although it is de facto policy in too many parts of the country. Follow us on Facebook! I like smoking a cigarette once in a while. Think again. Canada truck protesters call to defy order, Representatives for a group of truckers blockading Canada's capital over COVID-19 restrictions are calling on protesters to defy government orders to vacate the area. Most importantly, I was thinking, How the heck am I going to know whether or not the blood Im getting that I need has been vaccinated? Bigtree recalled. Isnt it also letting die, not wanting to know that one is letting others die hundreds of millions of human beings, from hunger, AIDS, lack of medical treatment, and so on also be part of a more or less conscious and deliberate terrorist strategy?. And now that youre pharmaceutically dependent, heres what you dont get to do. If were really going to get into each others schiznit, thats what we could do. The health officers are kind of in this position where everything that everyone is angry about is the health officers fault., The official described death threats received by email and on social media as well as protesters showing up to their home. If you can get to Cancun, we can get you transfusions with people that have not been vaccinated, the doctor said, by Bigtrees account. For Del Ponte too, the Milosevic trial addressed questions for humanity itself: These crimes touch every one of us, wherever we live, because they offend against our deepest principle of human rights and human dignity.. Last week, a prominent antivaxxer, Del Bigtree, whom you will likely remember as the genius behind the antivaccine propaganda film disguised as a documentary, VAXXED, demonstrated this hostility towards reasonable public health interventions in a segment from his online video show, The Highwire With Del Bigtree posted on June 19. He received a total of five transfusions, he said. She was already at odds with county commissioners, who were pushing to loosen public health restrictions in late May, against her advice. Lead by example! An international group of physicians and scientists signed a declaration Friday accusing COVID-19 policy-makers of "crimes against humanity" for preventing the use of life saving treatments on their patients. Jackson underscored that the entire party apparatus built on a certain appeal: It also made a strong appeal to that sort of nationalism which in ourselves we call patriotism and in our rivals chauvinism. Some of you might even recall antivaxxers dismissing vaccines as important and then saying theyd just quarantine in the event of an outbreak. They have 1000 lawyers and 10,000 Scientists/Doctors as expert . Ohios state health director, Amy Acton, resigned last week after facing legal challenges to her authority and protests in front of her home. The trials repeatedly teach us this: in totalitarian states, or those morphing into one, the leader reconstructs the party in a way that is iconophilic towards him or her. Grow up! They teach us what to watch for in political leaders and parties, to be vigilant. SOCIAL MEDIA MOB WRONGLY ACCUSES WOMAN OF FAKING COVID VACCINE INJURY. At the trials, an attempt was made to distinguish between individual and collective guilt. According to The Cleveland Clinic, One of the more commonly reported scenarios is that conversion disorder may be triggered by the bodys reaction to psychological trauma or a stressful event., Bigtree, nonetheless, attributed the womans condition to a COVID-19 vaccine, claiming it was evidence that the vaccine is a DISASTER. At least two weeks after Bigtree shared the video, Facebook added a disclaimer that said it was missing context -- a puzzling label given that there is absolutely no evidence the womans condition is connected in any way to a vaccine reaction. Anyone whos read my work, either here on this blog or over at my not-so-super-secret other blog should know that I do not downplay the severity of measles.) There is no evidence this bat virus was manipulated. But Im going to be honest about it because I think its something that we all do. She and a colleague watched weekly episodes of The Highwire with Del Bigtree from Jan. 30, 2020, to April 2, 2020. He had all the while been ignoring a private medical, seemingly minor problem of his own. The racing heart and shortness of breath and fatigue that he was experiencing raised another possibility that was not without irony, given that he has been actively perpetuating untruths that endanger us all in the midst of the present pandemic. The common cold doesnt kill 120,000 Americans in less than four months and nearly a half a million worldwide in six months. It was one of many examples of TNA and other individuals and entities warning over and over again, early . You will see their own conduct and hear their own voices as these defendants re-enact for you, from the screen, some of the events in the course of the conspiracy. He also falsely claimed that COVID-19 can be cured by hydroxychloroquine. Today, I explain how the legal structure, scientific experimentation, surveillance and mandate state, and quest for genocide is even stronger than in 2020. You decided that the moment mattered, and now you find yourself pharmaceutical-dependent, which is really what that 0.26% is, and thats OK too. When Bigtree joined the program, he made the baseless assertion that recipients of COVID-19 vaccines may face up to a 50% mortality rate if they ever encounter another coronavirus in their lifetimes, echoing a claim that originated from toxic conspiracy theorist Alex Jones. But in the BitChute post,the text is cropped out. Combating the Media Blackout - Two Ways You Can Help! In the mock trial, the "Grand Jury" is the online audience and the trial is "held" in the "Court of Public Opinion," according to captions on YouTube and Odysee. I like the finer things in life. And so I had a surgery to deal with that., He added, Im sitting on my doughnut right now, in all total candor.. The original video refers to a "criminal investigation" that is "modeled after United States Grand Jury proceedings." Anwar R was a supervisor of Eyad al-Gharib, who was convicted in February last year for aiding and abetting crimes against humanity in Syria. As Ive documented for a long time, antivaxxers are hostile to the very idea of public health, other than letting nature take its course and producing natural herd immunity at a horrific cost in terms of suffering and death. Its Not Enough to Say the Govt Has Failed. by Richard Dicker and Paloma van Groll. Del Bigtree, an anti-vaccination activist, speaks before a crowd of anti-vaxxers at a VIP event in Washington, D.C. Bigtree is a controversial documentarian and one of the movement's biggest . COVID-19 Vaccine-injured healthcare worker, Angelia Desselle, has been cruelly attacked by a social media mob accusing her of faking her tremors, which occurred post-vaccination. And no records are kept regarding what vaccines, if any, particular donors have received. Fauci needs to be put on trial for treason and crimes against . When last we saw her elsewhere, she had put her foot in her mouth most spectacularly by ignorantly discounting how much education about immunology and vaccines a typical physician in training receives, which leads me to just what the heck Bigtree means by pharmaceutical dependent. This emphasis on documentation as material witness to the events was a radical shift in the way trials were to be held: We will not ask you to convict these men on the testimony of their foes. The persons were tried, as both Robert H Jackson, the Chief United States Prosecutor at Nuremberg and the Milosevic prosecutor CarlaDel Ponte emphasised, as individuals. And I was aware that there was bleeding taking place, as many people that suffer from those things do, but I just kept working and thinking Ive never heard of someone dying from freaking hemorrhoids., He went on, I am here to report that the surgeon said that, you know, what was inside was horrific and really needed to be taken care of. The doctors sought to determine what was causing the problem in the first place. Like our page to get updates throughout the day on our latest debunks. As they have done for vaccines and vaccine-preventable diseases many times before, they are vastly Its people over the age of 65not just because youre over the age of 65, but youre sick with other diseases. Were not on drugs, and we dont need to be on drugs. You have diabetes. A video with tens of thousands of views falsely claims an international court is . Case counts were rising. And I want to talk about this for one minute as we close this down. Defendants in the dock at the Nuremberg trials. Eat all the Twinkies you want! For instance, the handwritten diary of Alfred Jodl documented detailed plans by Germany against individual nations: Austria (titled Case Otto), Czechoslovakia (titled Case Green) and others. 03/03/23 10:09 PM EST, Video & Audio "The Grand Jury of the World Criminal Court begins Investigation into Crimes Against Humanity - DAY 1," reads the video's description, writtenby user "Wil Paranormal." The less forgiving among us would consider it only justice if he fell victim to the same illusions he fosters in others. At least three anti-vax doctor speakers have referred to current Covid policies as "crimes against humanity", to chants of "lock them up". Its not just harassment and political resistance. I note that Bigtree just turned 50, so hes entering the age range of elevated risk. USA TODAY did not find evidence that acaselike the one described in the video is being prosecuted in alegitimate international court, either. "We are, indeed, at war," she . Facebooks action came months after he was banned by YouTube, where he had also broadcast his show. Overeating does predispose to obesity, although it is way more complicated than Bigtrees version of it, which, boiled down to its essence, demonizes those with obesity as fat slobs who lived their youth and middle age overindulging without a care in the world for what their choices are doing to their body. If we. You dont get to say I have to take a drug to protect you. Last week, antivaccine activist Del Bigtree posted a rant denying the severity of COVID-19, blaming the chronically ill for having made themselves vulnerable to severe disease through their lifestyle choices, and urging the young and healthy to catch this cold. I would never wish COVID-19 on anyone, not even someone as odious and harmful to public health as Bigtree. That rhetoric is having terrifying consequences, too, as public health workers have come under attack, with harassment and threats, leading an alarming number of them to resign to protect themselves and their families or to be fired for standing up for public health: As the director of the Rio Grande County Public Health Department in rural Colorado, she was working 12- and 14-hour days, struggling to respond to the pandemic with only five full-time employees for more than 11,000 residents. Jobs People Learning A week and a half ago, Ohio health director Dr. Amy Acton, who had made national news for her science-based approach to COVID-19 and public health, resigned, due to a burnout from overwork and dealing with protesters and resistance, for example: Actons experience was no different. How many times have I suggested this? You have COPD. At least on this particular occasion, the only life Bigtree was immediately endangering was his own. We Are Witnessing a Crime Against Humanity. 13/May/2021. How often have you heard them reject any responsibility whatsoever for any children other than their own, dismissing the concerns of parents of children with cancer or other conditions that leave them immunosuppressed and unable to take certain vaccines? The disturbing video went viral across major social media platforms. Bigtree received the single unit, which gave him the same lift as safely as he would have received from the blood of a vaccinated person, without all the phone .

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