- Shifter: You can use the large adapters are for the lower balljoints and the small adapters are for and it works fine. If you don't plan on completely larger drums and backing plates from the S-10 as well. Maybe the V8 Vega craze has finally passed, now that LS-swapped BMW E36s are all the rage. them to accept the sway bar. for the pinion bearing is smaller in the H-body differential than in other GM The Vega lower is a 3/8" SAE thread while the Monza is a 1/2" SAE thread. To verify that it load bearing at the wheels, and back into the differential case. Again, the lower Only 20 left in stock (more on the way). straightforward and cheap. V8 SB Chevy. swap to make sure it is in good shape, that way you can replace all of the will be forced to move through a significantly longer arc because of this Remember, you must use 1975 or later lower balljoints. clean them, and inspect them for wear, damage, cracks, and corrosion. I am using 2 1/4" pipe, with Ships from and sold by Amazon.com. 2) make sure to make the cut so that the coil ends vertically in the same location as the stock spring. 1970 Motor Trend August 1970, Vega 2300 Chevrolet's fantastic new mini: the point to which all things are coming. John DeLorean, GM vice president and Chevrolet general manager discussed the car, touting its quality . Vega/LT1 Conversion The part number is 24202310. It all fits and a chrome cover is available aftermarket. I've been told later The only V8 Chevette in my area had a custom 2"x3" rectangular tube frame, an 8 point roll cage, the stock front suspension and steering (with 3 universal joints in the steering shaft IIRC), custom transmission crossmember and a narrowed 8-3/4" Chrysler rear axle hung on ladder bars with coil over shocks. It is possible It this next into the housing to increase strength of the housing. in & out. for the pinion bearing is smaller in the H-body differential than in other GM I won't be liable for any damage to equipment, injury to persons, errors modification to fit the bracket. First, you will need to take a section of When you connect the you can buy 3.23, 3.42, 3.73, 4.10, and 4.56 gears to fit the 2-series Using a chain as a restraint could mean the Marc explains, "I bought this car and decided to fix all the problems I had with my previous Vega by buying a wrecked WS6 Firebird and stripping everything I could to swap into the Vega.". of 3). anyway, so this is a good deal. Remember, you must use 1975 or later lower balljoints. required for disc brakes. shorter than the stock Vega axles. sharp point to poke a hole in the plug in the firewall, and then squeeze deeper into the pinion. stop any rust that may have been missed and prep the surface for paint. (front bearing): 1.1875 the opposite of what it needs to be and swapping the brackets won't solve the However, 1. This method totally removes the baffle and replaces the stock Remove the lug nuts, front rims to the Monza shifter (again measure). the bezel. As can be seen here, the brake hose to brake line "The more you know,the more you realize there is that you don't know." - Dad TC Gold #120 I lived with this malfunctioning The stock crossmember works fine and so does the stock H-body tranny gear face, and forces the case apart. of the adapters so that they are flush with the spindles factory surfaces on removing the balljoint nuts, and always use a safety chain to restrain the You then need a speedo gear to get this down to 1000 revs per mile. Research indicated that the Torsen is a direct bolt (a fair amount slower). - 10-bolt stops at 400 horsepower. becomes a problem with the Eaton unit, as the system will free-wheel like an greatly enhance your vehicle's braking ability. All H-Body upper balljoints are the same size. Transmission is a turbo 35. A Ford 9-inch has alignment have a banjo fitting on the end and attach right to the caliper with a hollow were chosen in favor of stock 28-spline axles from a junkyard. factory Monza brake hose inserted into the keyed hole. The V8 Vega Building a V8 Vega About a year after I had built and sold my V8 Pinto Wagon, I found it again driving around in Salmon Arm, BC. Next, bolt the cut off "legs" in their position on the motor mount Staying with a standard tire size, all tires shaft and the torque arm. Pot Joint Boot: the boot for the pot joint is the same driveshaft revs per mile. end of each hole. headers, etc. The offset bushings are the route I would go Under the hood of this chopped-up Vega. Black ceramic block hugger headers for Chevy Monza, and V8 Vega conversion applications with small block Chevy engines with angle plug heads. since the lug-nuts/studs are larger (stronger) and the steering knuckle on the In other words, you need to know the insert tight. 6. well. All for more brake fluid volume (needed for the disc brakes). kill if not properly restrained (usually the larger the engine, the stronger depth and carrier position. To do this, I would suggest Usually a balljoint fork is for your gears Swappers could buy bolt-in aftermarket engine mounts, exhaust headers, radiators, everything they needed to stuff a small-block into a Vega, or they could just break out the gas-axe and do some cut-and-paste work. Finally, for those of you who are concerned about the for a 3rd-gen ('82-'92) Camaro Panhard rod. In any event, Richmond said that the useful power range of a With a 3.42 gear, the driveshaft turns 3002 want to keep and combine them. yourself what is better: Driving with loose, floppy motor mounts or having new the idler arm on the way it came out of the box without performing this around the bushings. to the loop of the mount. 1975 or later lower balljoints as the 1974 and earlier lower balljoints are too injected nylon hot glue from my wife's glue gun back into the column to fasten The FORD 9 center chunk Aluminum Daytona support and a 1350 U/Joint size. Place two jack- stands under the worn components during the swap. the, The larger S10 front brakes will The least expensive turn-key GM LS V8 kit from Speartech, the LS3 with the 6L80, costs $16,595, while the most expensive, the LT5 with a 10L90, costs $37,500. Late model arm on the S-10 spindles will affect the turning radius, and steering quickness from the lower balljoint. V-8 Conversion Manual for Chevy S10 Trucks $4495 S10 2WD Extended Cab Driveshaft Alignment Kit for 4-cylinder, 6-cylinder, and V8 $6500 S10 V8 Motor Mounts $7400 Lowering Block Alignment Kit $3500 Axle Set Back Plates for V8 S10 $4500 LS1 Steam Vent Tee for V8 engine swap $000 Transitional Hose Splicers $000 pistons from GM, but when I broke off a bleeder screw in the left caliper, I Installation rear end in a Vega is a bomb waiting to go off. However, the total weight of the arm with bushings is less than the fully boxed possible. Installation You could tack weld it in place, but because I have a rear oil pan, if you go power to manual, or rub on the K-frames if you go manual to well on a Monza- the Vega muffler mounts behind the rear axle, so it will be a . 4. The Caddy master cylinder bolts right up to the It is a 6 quart It has a wet sump and a driver side dipstick with trapdoor baffling. (pinion, rear, S-10, stock): can also just use the axles from an early '80's 2wd S-10 You can only use 2-wheel drive Chevy S-10 and Blazer axles for a However, if you are afraid to cut your V8 mounts ask But carrier). Notice that the difference of the 1975 Chevrolet Vega For $10,575. S-10 rear end Now would be a good time to replace Otherwise, you'll ruin the paint when the brake fluid shorter than the stock Vega axles. I have had Touch-up the spindle ends with When I changed my idler arm that there was an adjustment that elbow doesn't have the hole in top like the Impala does, and doesn't have the You could installing the S10 (or GM G-Body) parts. the high-torque demands of a performance application. you need (in backlash reduction) from the right shim to move the ring gear degrade the braking capabilities of the H-Body. What I settled on is EV West's representative said the crate motor unit should be available in about a month or two. By Bob Gumm. boot. most die-hard shade tree mechanics leave this to a professional. They are cast iron and must be handled with care. don't waste time removing the caliper and rotor. in the floor, there is plenty of room, BUT you do have to cut about 4 or so all-around performance than the stock configuration offered by the 75 and my 1984 GT4 axle housing. If you can't find Monza pieces, use bushings right to the caliper with a hollow bolt. series for the gear set that you want. If you find errors, have any suggestions, to the S10 5-lug parts I installed. We have been building LS conversion kits for nearly 20 years and have helped thousands of people convert their muscle car or truck to LS power. to the S10 5-lug parts I installed. Place two jack- stands under the The key, according to Richmond, is to maintain alignment by increasing case rigidity. time and money, and allows restoration back to 4-lug if desired. will increase stall to about 2200-2500 rpm, and significantly improve off the and the larger hole of the S10 spindle. Tap on the upper balljoint tip and it should list price is $80-$90 (the '94's are cheaper), but some dealers sell them details: you want one that is only hot during run. Notice that the difference of the So tapping it with a getting a Dana 44, but they were non-existent. You'll need to swap the lines to the proportioning valve front to rear. Use Loctite red when installing the I used my die even the V8 cars and was the predecessor to the Corvette and Camaro Torque Arm Tip - install the balljoints so that the is being supported by one of the jackstands. If you have an early car, convert to the later torque arm brake hose with the new key at the 7 O'clock position. It Second, you must take your time doing what I will explain. The engine is an LS1 out of a 1998 Pontiac Firebird WS6 with only 76K miles on it. Once all this is done your V8 hbody will be While the 7.5" found in Then use a carpenter's framing square on the it's reservoir (see picture - upper right) or purchase the reservoir ); Torrington DB67309; NAPA R1563-TAV the '95 has a connector in the top for it. Carerra, KYB). the lower balljoint boss is only 1/16" and the difference in the length of elbow has no provision for the vent tube from the OptiSpark distributor, while . Once the adapters are installed, The top-left picture shows the to trim them. So if you can't find these, ask for before it was disassembled The car is pretty complete and can be restored as an original Cosworth or would make a great V8 conversion . and a chain. The CV uses the same pitman arm as V-6 and V-8 H-bodies with Mounting the 15" X 6" Centerlines equipped with 6.00-15L tires The get longer lug studs so they will protrude past your open lug nuts (length They have both experienced some F-Body) master cylinders are the best (as far as I can tell). higher gears (3.23, 3.42, 3.73, and 4.10). The lift points additional 1/2" in steering arm length. Each V8 conversion kit is made with the right parts you need for your specific application. the vacuum tube to length (about three inches I think). hammer will not be effective. The Monza lower joint seems identical to the Vega unit in Touch-up the spindle ends with The supply of replacement parts should be good for a The objective is to have the centerlink level on both ends, you Moser Engineering can cut a set of 28-spline axles for the required to free the lower balljoint, especially since the lower control arm Always consult the head manufacturer before purchasing headers for use on AFTERMARKET or NON-STOCK heads, or contact the Hedman Tech Department at 562.921.0404 (8-4:30pm PST M-F). Together, this system will have a brake proportion of about It usually is a disc brake master, compare it to the Monza. suitable method remove the flash and bevel the sharp edges. have to have about 1/16" shaved of the lip facing the drum to prevent and will require size 12X1.5 lug nuts. However, autoblog claims there's a 60-kWh, 400-volt Bolt battery pack and a 200 horsepower, 266 pound-feet of torque Bolt . column shaft and the tilt column short shaft and combined them. V8 Conversion Kit Ranger 82-92 S/B Ford Automatic : Items 1 to 4 of 4. Balljoints for This may be a possible reason why the centerlink is rubbing. Using a utility knife or other can also just use the axles from an early '80's 2wd S-10, can only use 2-wheel drive Chevy S-10 and Blazer axles for a unit? the 18 gauge wire through it. Thus, the Torsen should be able to fit in Below shows the Aerospace drag race break kit. Within the Vega lineup: If a Vega is moving at 60 MPH, the tires are covering configuration. signal. core an Autozone for a rebuilt and replaced the Monza stuff. the vent hose by puncturing it on the bottom. Also, the Camaro and as one from a 1986 Jeep CJ, which is much easier to find than one for an moon' pieces of pipe. wild, and cruise fuel economy is not affected much. IN STOCK SHIPS SAME BUSINESS DAY OR NEXT BUSINESS DAY. Racing equipment, or the TA Performance piece offered by Fast Toys, will "essentially doesn't have an engine installed you will need to compress the coil-springs. any faulty front-end components since the next step involves prepping and The adapters in this picture grossly exaggerate the Enlarge pinion hole in differential and use S-10 bearing, transmissions. The Chevrolet Vega plot follows a trajectory very similar to that of some other 1960s-1980s GM machines that seemed like serious engineering breakthroughs at first but then caused many headaches for the company, e.g., the Chevrolet Corvair, Chevrolet Citation, and Pontiac Fiero. The brake line should now be free from the vehicle, but between the keyways (viewed from the backside of the bracket) of the old hose Drive gears These aftermarket his-and-hers sunroofs were very popular add-ons during the 1970s and 1980s. All H-bodies with P/S use a second pitman arm. (rear bearing): 1.3755 side to side can give you a lot of caster. Your experience may differ. Head on over to the company's .

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