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California Regulatory Reversal Marijuana Delivery Protocols Foreshadow Industry Infighting

Interesting article on the regulatory reversal from California regarding cannabis delivery protocols to allow for “roving” delivery.  This is both interesting and will set the basis for whether this model is permitted in other states. From a consumer perspective roaming delivery will increase convenience by drastically cutting down the time it takes to obtain a delivery product. But it will also have the major impact of limiting the types of products generally available for delivery. So this means we will see a shift that generally favors concentration in the market and the largest players that will be able to provide enough consistent supply of product to be part of the inventory package they drivers bring with them while roving.



Senators Approve Medical Marijuana For Military Veterans

The U.S. Senate appropriations committee approved an amendment that would limit funds to interfere with a VA physician looking to discuss or recommend medical marijuana to a patient in a state where that was legal. Hopefully, this means the amendment will be added to the final bill during conference committee and we will have protections for VA doctors to recommend medical cannabis.

This amendment has passed before but unlike the broader amendment for a medical marijuana, program implementation has never been included in a final appropriations bill signed into law.



McConnell Inserts Hemp Legalization Into Farm Bill

Senate majority leader Mitch McConnell successfully inserted his hemp language into the farm bill legislation current in committee in the Senate. Although the House did not add the language into their bill, McConnell’s support makes it more likely than not that the language will end up in the final bill after conference committee.

If this expansive hemp language becomes law it will be the most significant piece of cannabis legislation passed to date. The hemp market will expand significantly and the opportunities for non-THC cannabinoid development in the United States will open even further.



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